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So, I’d say it’s special pieces we do, special photography and some of our columns that our most popular.#1.

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I am a native son and I choose to stay here and be queer." — Toby Jenkins Executive Director Oklahomans for Equality and The Dennis R.I consume it mentally cover to cover just like my copy of Readers Digest or Vanity Fair each month. First word is REGIONAL: From Joplin down to Eureka Springs over to Norman and back up to Wichita I traveled the gay highway in this month's issue.I thought, ‘I am a part of the gay heartland and The Gayly refuses to let me forget it.’Second word is INCLUSIVE: I read about people of color, First Nation indigenous references to our sovereign Indian nations residing in Oklahoma, plenty of all genders equally balanced, LGBT older adults contributing, multiple faiths celebrated, Spanish translation for those who have English as their second language, transgender leaders finding their voice and respected for it, and a shout out to the straight allies who are demanding equal rights for their LGBT pals.If people are not getting what they need in "their" media, they will look online or elsewhere to find it.Gayly Driven - Vinyl Decal APPROXIMATE DIMENSIONS: 1.5" x 8" Inches Color: WHITE Made out of Oracal 651 6 year outdoor calendared vinyl These are Precision-Cut Vinyl Decals. Neill Equality Center Dorner: I think it depends on the publication and their readership.

The mediocre LGBT news sources will be out of business, I think.

We are also very cognizant of the diversity we show within our own community when we take and place our photos.

Dorner: I guess when someone actually takes the time to write us and tell us we are doing a great job, which is not just surprising, it’s completely awesome! So when I received this note from Toby Jenkins, the executive director of Oklahomans for Equality in Tulsa, it really made my day: "I just finished reading the May issue of The Gayly, Oklahoma's only LGBT aka gay statewide print news publication and online news source.

They want to read how equality is made possible and the outcomes once equality is implemented in their school, organization, job, higher education, because that is the road they want to travel.

They want to focus on the solution of equality rather than the problem of inequality.

And our advertisers and readers will certainly take our business.