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Who is andre leon talley dating

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" he added laughing.)Later in the evening, Talley, who will spend his 65th birthday this October 16 letting Oprah film him in his home, told Mallis he hasn't eaten a bite of sugar in months.

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(Talley bought the sofa at auction, and don’t even think about sitting on it.)Talley spends most of his time on the porch, contemplating the cardinals flying through his garden of tree hydrangeas, white azaleas, and Japanese maples, home to a hooded gnome on a swing, with a squirrel hanging off the bottom. “I love, love, love Balducci’s,” he proclaimed, producing a large container of tomato soup, thick with noodles, and a plastic spoon. You know, I used to eat at a diner near here every day for years, but then Whoopi Goldberg invited me for a holiday.But Talley’s voice, with its Pavarotti-like range and unique timbre, rang out at times like a bugle, the kind once used to command soldiers to charge on the battlefield—though Talley tends to use his instrument to tell women what to wear. “She has drawers and drawers of gloves, some in leather, some in cloth.”In fact, he explained, he had just met with Ms.For three hours, during which he barely touched his soup, Talley held forth on topics likely of little or no concern to the shoppers around him. TNT, a German princess, giggling with her over dessert at a Manhattan restaurant.'I was just into my magazines and the drawings,' he reveals in the magazine's September issue. I was in my grandmother’s house, and I respected that! 'I had a very strict upbringing, almost puritanical. ''I swear on my grandmother’s grave that I never slept with a single designer in my life. When visiting the country, he won't leave his hotel without being accompanied by magazine staff.

"I'm terribly concerned about the savagery of Russian culture," he added, citing recent incidents of violence at the Russian ballet and Putin's harsh policies towards homosexuals.

Talley cited fashion editor Edward Enninful, who recently faced discrimination at a couture show when seated in the second row totally apart from his colleagues, as a good example of how to handle issues. Take any major incidents to the mainstream media., so he's certainly familiar with the genre. Sad news guys: That's not at all how Talley gets fit."Anna [Wintour] wanted me to play tennis--you do what Anna says! "The Vuitton in that scene was borrowed from the Los Angeles boutique for filming--I pretended to play tennis in Louis Vuitton." (That diamond encrusted watch?

Still, the only thing he'll say about that experience--other than that he enjoyed working with Tyra--was that it "has helped [him] in many ways.""It put a new roof over my house! Also borrowed.)Shockingly, Talley received a rough cut of the film from director RJ Cutler before Wintour--and the now-famous tennis scene was missing.

He expressed hopes that athletes will boycott the upcoming Winter Olympics.

For his part, he'll be using as a platform to increase visibility and tolerance in the country. A profile of designer Tom Ford and his partner Richard Buckley, in which they'll speak about the joys of their new baby Jack.

There is perhaps no more unlikely milieu to observe André Leon Talley than the Scarsdale branch of Balducci’s food market, about 30 miles north of Manhattan, but it was there that Talley, one of the top arbiters of the fashion world, arranged to meet for lunch.