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Visioner xxi ngntot mellitus tembem

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In addition to emphasize diet and lifestyle recommendations given by the doctor or specialist.Anyone that undergoes a Biomagnetism scan should be referred to a doctor to continue with their treatment.

It is also the main cause of death for women and the second for men, second only to coronary disease.We must emphasize the importance of doing preventive or prophylactic scans every 6 months in the general population, mainly children and young adults, to avoid the development of the disease.Once symptoms appear, it is usually too late to find a cure.9.- Recommend a visit to the specialist and stress the importance of undergoing lab tests every 3 months and schedule regular doctor visits every year as part of the glycemic control.Diabetes mellitus is a common pathogenic disease that can have a good prognosis if all recommendations set forth are followed and if all Biomagnetism and /or Bioenergetics scans are done periodically at the initial stages of the disease to avoid complications and improve quality of life.It is called chronic because it takes 10 to 15 years to develop and generally remains undetected for 5 to 10 years, producing only high levels of insulin.

In later stages it starts producing high levels of glucose, to the point where insulin is depleted from the Beta pancreatic cells, and ultimately creates insulin resistance in the body´s tissues.

Diabetes mellitus is the most common endocrine disease, its main characteristics include an increased level of glucose in the blood due either by the absence, deficit or poor quality of the insulin.

Its etiology depends on the interaction of several genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors.

Recommendations 1.- Do a complete Biomagnetism scan at the first session, focusing on the diabetogenic pairs (those close to the pancreas) and/or hyperglycemic pairs (supraspinatus – supraspinatus, kidney – kidney, greater trochanter – greater trochanter, hip – hip, descending colon – descending colon, etc.) 2.- Do a follow-up scan 8 days later with Bioenergetics, if a practitioner is in second level.

3.- Do follow-up scans every 1 – 3 months for life.

Medications for diabetes mellitus can also cause complications.