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Tips dating persian women

If youre looking for love and youre not satisfied with the women youre accustomed to dating, a Russian woman may be the answer for you.

I like when you're just casual.") Oh and please note when they tell me what they want they are NOT rude they are just being protective.Love my guy, but to be honest if I had to do it over again - no way, sorry to say.Sorry gals - but my perspective, unless you are willing to be subjugated to an iranian man, don't bother to start a relationship. In general - they have a worse old-boys-club than americans; are absolutely across the board m-e-a-n when anything goes against their opinion or what they think is right.They typically feel as if the man should be the head of the household and deal with the important decisions and choices.They feel that men should be theprotector and take care of their safety.They will indeed step on weak women, but if you are a strong woman who holds your ground; they will love you to pieces.

hi well im in a serious relationship with a iranian man.i couldnt have asked for a better man,he's sweet compassionate,caring very thoughtful and protective,sometimes overly productive and his temper does get the best of him sometimes,but i love our relationship were are both very open to each other on what bothers us,its the best relationship ive ever had,were talking about kids and marriage now,since weve been together for a while only thing i cant get used to is the people STARING everywhere we go..i dont know if its bcuz were such a CUTE couple or theyve never seen a black woman with a persian man!!

Persian people are really nice when it comes to foreigners so you actually can't do anything wrong!!

Good luck I'm an american girl going on another date with a Persian guy.

I have met bf's mom after 3 months, me and his mom get along so well.

I think it does not matter what race he or she is, the most important thing is you guys truly love each other. They are deeply religious, so if you giving up the sex before marriage, he will look at you as a ho and not wife material, plus most want you to convert to Islam if you become his wife.

Culturally they are just raised this way - women own the home; men have the freedom in society. They also - especially my guy- get on the "you are so disrespectful" soap box, harping on and on about how bad americans are, yet never own up to their own behavior.