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The 8th day kayden kross the 8th day kayden kross zwoluga madega contact

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Als Prince Amir jedoch Samantha unter seine Fittiche nimmt, entdeckt er, wer sie wirklich ist, und beschließt, dass sie das ultimative Opfer bringen müssen. Don Houston lobte in einem Review für den Film als unterhaltsam und überdurchschnittlich auch außerhalb der Sexszenen. Jay bezeichnete ebenfalls für XCritic den Film als insgesamt gut, kritisierte jedoch die schlecht Synchronisation in der achten Szene und das fehlen von Übergangsmaterial beim Wechsel von Sexpositionen.

But when Prince Amir discovers who Samantha really is, she must make the ultimate sacrifice. Time is over., this end-of-world epic casts Adam & Eve contract girl Kayden Kross as Samantha, daughter to the possibly mad scientist who caused the "Big Burn" that sent civilization back to the Stone Age.Samantha and Darren are about to celebrate Tabitha's first birthday when Aunt Clara uses a magic spell to turn Tabitha into an 18 year old.Unable to reverse the spell, the party proceeds ...The data for 8th Day was compiled by the Internet Adult Film Database."Internet Adult Film Database" in the text above should be linked to: day/year=2009/8This data is provided for non-commercial use only.Die Zeit läuft ab in diesem apokalyptischen erotischen Abenteuer.

Aus einem kryogenen Schlaf geweckt, findet Samantha (Kayden Kross) die Welt, die sie kannte, nicht mehr wieder.

There, she meets Prince Amir (Ameatabh Bachan), one of the few survivors of the Big Burn and the new, self-appointed leader of the human race. Kross proves she's got leading lady chops as Samantha, and of course delivers superbly on the sexual front, too, most especially in a manic three-way toward the end with Violet Marcell and Evan Stone.

Even more memorable, sex-wise, is the three-girl caterwaul—in no figurative sense—between Bree Olson, Tori Black and Poppy Morgan upon the gravelly floor of a rock gulch during the dead of night.

Decorated with tribal body-paint, the three screech and hiss as they dance about each other ritualistically, then attack one another's bodies like, well, animals.

It's a display of primal eroticism the likes of which we've rarely, if ever, seen.

Poppy Morgan, Evan Stone, Amber Rayne, Kayden Kross, Bree Olson, Violet Marcell, Violet Marcelle, Jerry (I), Tyler Knight, David Lord, Julie Knight, Krissy Leigh, Trinity Post, Tori Black, Tyler Night, Chris Cannon, Darryl Hanah, Heidi Mayne, Aaron Wilcoxxx, Tommy Gunn, Kylie Ireland, Derrick Pierce, Cheyne Collins, Jandi Lin, Sledge Hammer, Ameatabh Bachan 4-Disc Collector`s Edition.