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Sri lankan girls sex web sites

Failure to do so could result in the country having to face a cyber war, the message further warned.

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When a social worker mentioned seeing this awkward ballet movement, she was told by a colleague from Thailand that it was a code used by paedophiles for picking up boys.They were turning the three boys loose after having subjected them to a month of degradation and sexual abuse. One United States study estimated that more than 250 million copies of videos on child pornography are circulating world-wide, and most were filmed in the Philippines, Thailand and Sri Lanka.In Europe, such behaviour would have brought them stiff prison sentences if caught. One raid, on a home in a Stockholm suburb in July 1992, yielded stacks of letters between paedophiles sharing descriptions of children's bodies and sex organs.So far, though, no foreigner has been jailed for child abuse in Sri Lanka and only a few have been discreetly deported. A cyclist in the southern resort of Hikkaduwa was stopped by a woman demanding 'bon-bons for babies'.Having gained his attention, the woman offered the sexual favours of the small boy accompanying her.The scale of child prostitution is probably larger in the Philippines and in Thailand, but in Sri Lanka the problem is growing fastest.

And, in Sri Lanka, nearly all the victims are boys, aged between six and 14.

Even more shocking is that some Sri Lankan parents condone it and rent out rooms in their shacks where their children satisfy the paedophile.

'One father told me: 'what did it matter, my son won't get pregnant',' recalled Ms Seneviratne.

Following the lead of Thailand and the Philippines, Sri Lanka is swiftly moving to pass tough laws to make abusing children punishable by up to 10 years in jail.

Sweden, Norway and Germany are considering legislation that would make paedophilia a crime even if committed by one of their nationals in a faraway country.

The foreigner's cash is offset by the child contracting such diseases as Aids and lasting sexual trauma.