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Matures with lust for XXX action and true skills to provide amazing solo moments.The date of the sitting and the duration of connection with each model is measured in both the title and the surface of the ‘Chat Random’ paintings: short ‘sittings’ are greasily fluid ( suggests a broken or switched-off webcam.In some ways, the series is a kind of census or travelogue, capturing local conditions (the quality of light, the colour of wallpaper, the speed of internet connections) from Iraq to Russia and Switzerland.“What ties the work together is an interest in nature,” she says.“To make these paintings I put myself in certain situations where I am forced to deal with and analyse my instinctual feelings”.Featuring images of male and female genitalia rendered in pastel tones, they confront contemporary issues relating to gender, sex, art and society.

Hailing from family of painters in Stroud and a graduate of London’s Royal College of Art, her dynamic approach to the medium is manifested in a subtle degree of variety.

They communicate something unknowable and ungraspable in even the frankest exposure of the body; try to clasp (2015), and she would slip between your palms like an icicle.

The subjects aren’t strangers; they are Hempton’s friends, acquaintances and, for the picture that initiated the series, her boyfriend.

Initially, she wanted to paint his erection, but this required him to watch pornography while he posed – ‘which put me in an interesting position’, she tells me – so she eventually asked him to flip onto his front.

Though the foregrounding of male buttocks carries cultural baggage, the sexual inflection of this particular presentation of the body is, in some sense, incidental.

In 2014, she had solo exhibitions at Southard Reid, London, and Lorcan O' Neill, Rome, Italy.