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Skydiving speed dating

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The result is amazingly close to the value recorded in National Geographic.As one would expect the actual value is slightly less than the theoretical value.

In addition to the altitude record, he set records for longest freefall and fastest speed by a man (without an aircraft!At such extreme altitudes the acceleration due to gravity is not the standard 9.81 m/s.Using these numbers, it is possible to calculate the maximum theoretical velocity experienced during this record-setting jump.It will continue to fall at constant velocity known as the terminal velocity. For an object to experience terminal velocity, air resistance must balance weight.An example that shows this phenomenon was the classic illustration of a rock and a feather being dropped simultaneously.The air is so thin at this altitude that it would make for a moderate laboratory vacuum on the surface of the earth.

With little atmosphere, the sky is essentially black and the sun's radiation is unusually intense despite polar temperatures.

Special helmets and slick body suits reduce drag even further.

Editor's Supplement -- 1999 "An hour and thirty-one minutes after launch, my pressure altimeter halts at 103,300 feet.

At ground control the radar altimeters also have stopped-on readings of 102,800 feet, the figure that we later agree upon as the more reliable.

It is 7 o'clock in the morning, and I have reached float altitude ….

Air resistance exists because air molecules collide into a falling body creating an upward force opposite gravity. For a heavy object, the terminal velocity is generally greater than a light object.