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Quicksexchat without signup

Over the past years Apple strongly extended its cloud offering and today i Cloud stands as umbrella word for a whole ecosystem of services.

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You can follow any responses to this entry through RSS 2.0. The response to my article on Twitter and Medium was, and still is, overwhelming.The sheer volume and the very positive feedback surprised me a lot!One week ago, I released i OS Onboarding without Signup Screens on Medium.It described my idea of using the i OS user’s i Cloud ID for a secure and invisible authentication across all i OS devices of a user with the purpose of getting rid of the need to enter an email and password during app onboarding.It is more secure to the user, it does not offend the user during onboarding, it is better for your conversions and it just works out of the box.

Your marketing guys won’t like it because they can not send newsletters but today push notifications are anyway the better tool for customer re-activation.

Here is a list: The Nine Pearls are displayed inside the existing, already authenticated app and are used to connect another device on another platform to that user account securely, without the need for the user’s email and in a very simple and easy-to-type way.

The user has now connected Android to i OS by using a combination of existing email and Nine Pearls.

Please DO NOT ASK the user for his email address and password.

Use the invisibly fetched i Cloud ID token of a user instead.

If the user is logged into i Cloud, which he mostly is, the app will receive a unique 33 character string representing the i Cloud user. So even if an app would publish all its tokens on the internet another app could not use that token to see if both apps do share users!