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Sit down and talk with the person involved, work out where the issues lie and when they start to fall apart.Try not to place the blame on the other person, but be aware of your own actions.

For example, the leader of a country needs a strong relationship with their people and a teacher needs a connection with their students. If a team, or two people, cannot work together, they will in time suffer relationship problems and the dynamic of the connection will begin to fail.Whilst it is important to tell your partner when you feel you are no longer living a healthy relationship or if something is bothering you, it is equally important to let them know when they have made you happy. They will listen to the issues in the relationship, help you to understand the cause and if they can be resolved.If the relationship has reached its end, a coach will support you in moving on. It is interesting to think that most couples will seek marriage advice in some form.When the issue is not discussed, it can be difficult to know how to treat the problem, or understand how it started.Many relationship problems start with a person feeling trapped, confused about the relationship direction or feeling unsure about how or where to meet a partner.As humans, we strive for an intimate connection with a partner that we love.

If things aren’t going well, it can be particularly difficult for everyone involved - the pressure on a life-long marriage can also put stress on a troubled couple.

If you are finding things hard with your family, partner, school friends or work colleagues, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our qualified life coaches.

If you are in a long-term partnership and are finding it tough to connect with your partner, it can be a stressful, heart-breaking experience.

However tough, once you recognise that you may be suffering relationship problems, you can begin rebuilding the connection.

Common issues may include: Talking can be an effective technique.

Over time, if relationship problems are not dealt with, they can worsen.