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Online dating for professionals canada

If you have been feeling a little frustrated with dating lately, could it be as simple as just dialing down the expectation?

Here are just some of the positives of being single and dating at this stage of your life.Read More January 9, 2017 So you recognize that being proactive is an important part of meeting your future partner.You do online or mobile app dating (whether you like it or not), you go out and try to frequent places where other singles congregate, and maybe you have joined a singles group or two.Read More March 22, 2016 Most of us tend to stick to the tried and true for a first date — meeting for a meal, drink or coffee.Planning something outside of the comfort zone is a possibility but not recommended, at least not for a first date.Read More May 19, 2016 The decision is made to work with a matchmaker for different reasons.

For many, going the personal and private matchmaking route is an alternative to the impersonal and public world of online and mobile app dating.

It’s also a logical choice for super busy professionals who are used to out-sourcing or hiring assistants and see the value in being just as proactive with their love lives.

Read More May 8, 2016 Dating as a single parent has its own set of challenges.

Read More April 12, 2016 It’s been one of the toughest times of your life.

But you are slowly picking up the pieces and establishing your new normal. Many dating experts will tell you to give yourself plenty of time to heal or wait until you are “over” your ex? How do you know when you are emotionally ready to date?

However like women, they want to know more about a potential date than whether they can take a good selfie.