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Non self liquidating debt

non self liquidating debt-74

a firm will be taxed on its profits and the firm’s shareholders will also be taxed on the Dividends paid to them from the firm's profits.

A soft currency is usually not fully convertible to all currencies but only perhaps to some other "weak" currencies. Moneda dbil, moneda blanda A loan by a government or multilateral Development bank which carries no (or below market rate) interest, although there is usually a small annual service charge.An ECA may charge a higher premium for Specific Coverage than for Comprehensive Coverage because of the "selected risk" nature of the coverage.Pliza especfica A person who takes Positions on the market in an attempt to anticipate price changes, with the aim of earning a profit.Such a guarantee usually consists of an irrevocable Letter of credit, a confirmed irrevocable letter of credit or a guarantee issued by the local government or Central Bank.Vendedor de una opcin A provision in a contract which allows the seller to vary the quantities to be delivered by a certain percentage.Any principal due at maturity is called the balloon maturity.

Sociedad para las Telecomunicaciones Financieras Interbancarias Mundiales This refers to a weak currency which is a less desirable means of payment than other currencies.

Precio de entrega inmediata (1) The gap between the Bid and ask prices of a security, commodity or foreign exchange.

(2) The difference between the spot and forward rates (in foreign exchange trading), or price (for trade in commodities or securities).

Depsito (en caja) de ahorro (1) A written obligation by the bank, acting as paying agent for a security issue, to deliver the definitive certificates as soon as issued to the subscriber.

(2) A type of Waybill accompanying merchandise shipments.

It is typically extended to developing countries and has a long repayment period. Razn de solvencia A unit of account issued and allocated by the IMF to its member states.