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Navigon 2180 software update

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This information is applicable for Version 3 of Pocket Genealogist.

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In his role as president for the Americas, Roach lead all marketing and sales functions for the Americas.The first line of its press release stated: "Garmin Ltd.(NASDAQ: GRMN), the global leader in satellite navigation, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Navigon AG ("Navigon"), a privately held navigation provider headquartered in Würzburg, Germany." Navigon’s i Phone Application, Mobile Navigator is all set to receive the Live Traffic feature that is capable of warning users of the upcoming traffic congestion and dynamically routing the user around it.expanded their line-up with the 2100 Max (2120 Max in Canada) model.This model is functionally similar to the original 2100 but includes a larger 4.3" LCD screen and adds the company's Direct Help functionality.NAVIGON is the perfect driving companion for every journey – award-winning and reliable navigation, a sophisticated search concept and numerous innovative features ensure this.

Experience how good navigation can really be on your smartphone with NAVIGON.

We are however not closing down our Chicago office which will continue to serve our automotive and mobile phone businesses in North America." Since this announcement the Chicago office has, in fact, been closed.

As of August 2009, the only consumer products Navigon offered in North America were the i Phone application, Android Apps, Windows Phone 7 apps.

With the introduction of Traffic Message Channel-based (TMC) traffic avoidance features in 2002, Navigon became the first company to offer such a feature on a consumer GPS product.

In 2005 private equity firm General Atlantic bought a minority interest in the company in order to provide capital for expansion.

Visits from North American IP addresses to the were redirected to a site devoted to the mobile apps, with no mention of former Navigon consumer products, even those that were brand new on the market less than a year before.