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My online dating consultant mike muson

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Women love to tell their girlfriends about the awesome date they just had and share the anticipation of your call and the next time you’ll see them with their girls.Don’t rob them of that pleasure by pushing too fast.

Listen To Our Podcast By Clicking Here: Podcast Synopsis: Relationship Coach Jeanne Monet Roberson joins the show to talk about relationships, matchmaking, her service/client types and dating.If you’re having a great time with this girl, don’t get ahead of yourself and start thinking about what’s next or where this new relationship will go.Just enjoy the fact that you’ve made a great connection and enjoy each step of getting to know someone new.She says “Your mindset–not your budget–is the key to lifting your look to its maximum level.And your appearance is a package deal, which includes looks and attire alongside movement, style and spirit. Read More » Listen To Our Podcast By Clicking Here: Podcast Synopsis: Thomas Edwards is quickly establishing himself as one of the nation’s top dating coaches.From every aspect of today’s dating world, Thomas has been helping people enhance their dating and social lives since he’s started this site in September of 2008.

Frequently described as “Hitch,” Thomas has helped men find relationships ...

View that first date simply as an opportunity to be exposed to a person with a set of experiences and perspective different than your own.

If the date is not going so great and you’re not feeling much chemistry, don’t panic.

The mere mention of the words “first” and “date” together produce cringing and knotted sphincters for many of you.

However, a first date should be a fun, low pressure opportunity for you to enjoy the company of someone new.

Don’t Expect Too Much – She’s Nervous Too The first date is a test drive. Don’t undervalue the fact that she’s feeling the unsettling cocktail of hopefulness and anxiety that you’re feeling too.