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Tanzania is one of the oldest known human-inhabited areas on Earth; fossil remains of humans and pre-human hominids have been found dating back over two million years.

The goal of bystander prevention strategies is to change social norms supporting sexual violence and empower men and women to intervene with peers to prevent an assault from occurring.Other prevention strategies address social norms, policies, or laws in communities to reduce the perpetration of sexual violence across the population.Few programs, to date, have been shown to prevent sexual violence perpetration.The goal of sexual violence prevention is simple—to stop it from happening in the first place.The solutions, however, are just as complex as the problem.Tanzania is most known for the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Kilimanjaro, and Zanzibar; for great beauty, picturesque scenery, and abundance of wildlife.

We’ll experience some of that but our missioners experience Tanzania along with its people, with whom we will walk in our experience there.

Real Consent is designed to reduce sexual violence perpetration behaviors among college men using a bystander-based model that draws on social cognitive and social norms theory.

The goals of this program are to prevent sexually violent behavior toward women by: Real Consent consists of six 30-minute web-based, interactive modules that include didactic activities and episodes of a serial drama to model sexual communication, consent, and positive bystander behaviors.

Your time in Tanzania will be focused on meeting and making friends with Tanzanians.

The trip will maintain a balance between learning and experiencing MKLM’s work in Tanzania and enjoying all the wonderful cultural opportunities that Tanzania has to offer.

A study found that the program was effective in decreasing sexual violence perpetration and increasing positive bystander behavior at 6 month follow-up in a sample of college-aged men.