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For a long moment, I stood looking at the money in my hand, knowing what was required to keep it.

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It wasnt totally unheard of for a man to bring his young daughter into the mens locker room if he had no other option, but this was far more; not so much more that John couldnt deny that anything inappropriate had taken place.Alone, I was sitting on the bench with my underwear in my hand; soon I had my rampant, leaking cock in my hand flogging it like mad.When I came, Rachel and her daddys towels came in very handy.Soon he was beginning to boil as I fingered his girl for him.He straddled the bench and no longer just toying with himself, he began flogging it in earnest, stooping just enough so that his swinging nut sack brushed against her forehead.I was so astonished that I had stopped molesting her cunt and just stared up at her father.

Later at the club I struggled to get the beautiful little girl who I had molested for her fathers amusement out of my mind, trying to focus my attention on this thirty-something scantily-clad knockout MILF who seemed to be preening for me.

With the two shower heads delivering a warm spray, John and I quickly rinsed off while Rachel rotated like a slow top, her eyes protected from the spray by her hands, offering me an ever changing view of her young naked body.

Suddenly he closed his eyes and long copious ropes of cum flew from his cock and spattered all over his young daughter, on her head, her shoulders and face.

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Bracing myself against my locker, my breath was rather shallow and I was tingling with anticipation as to what was to soon transpire in the showers, my conscious in turmoil as to whether I should be a party to any of this.