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Lotro updating error a connection failed

The first half of the story already had a fair amount of death and revelation, but this is where we find out exactly what happens leading into our journey toward Ala Mhigo and Doma in .

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Sorry that didn't work for you; have you tried all of the suggestions Turbine sent me to in the first link?This comes after a flurry of testing and dev diaries covering the patch's big features.Among these features are the new Broken Shore zone, the Cathedral of Eternal Night dungeon, challenge artifact skins, rebalanced legendaries, new traits, more order hall research options, and of course, a way to regain our flight privileges in this expansion cycle.It says, Connection failed: Couldn't create local socket. After the client launches, it gets to "Connecting to authentication server," then the screen goes black and says: Connection failed: Couldn't create local socket. I've tried turning off the firewall/antivirus and changing User to not require a unique port, but it doesn't change anything. Hope this helps My friend is getting the exact same error message with a wireless connection.These cards are also your path to a better life through additional backgrounds and emoticons.

If you need a whole explanation of what Steam trading cards are and what they do (and this author did), there's a whole page on that. Ready to set aside your in-game enmity and play nice with your fellow gamers for a few days -- or not, depending on what sort of corp you're in?

You do have to attain your divine form as a prerequisite, but other than that, there's nothing stopping you from living out your fantasies as an astronaut making that giant leap for divinekind.

Did you have a trading card collection when you were a kid?

I'll post back here if I find a workaround or get help from Turbine.

***Solved*** I was sent here when I submitted a ticket, and after going through the whole list, the last one worked.

Decided cowering in your house watching streams is the wiser choice?