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So my parents made a vow to her, and promised that their first child would be named Mashuri. It could be coincidence, it could be something to be believed… That’s why she’s been working as a flight attendant for 22 years, until she moved to Norway. You got to see much more of the world being a flight attendant. Now you just go up and down; you have a 24 hour layover and you come back”. In March, she got the chance to explore one of the most fascinating countries on Earth, Iceland.

The restaurant ran a "Pizza & Film" promotion which included a large pizza, a large cola, and an animation DVD.We could share our struggles and disappointments as well as our successes.But most importantly we had a safe place to be Australian or Puerto Rican or German. Knowing that people are experiencing what I was experiencing and therefore could understand what I was going through made life much easier. The princess was accused of adultery and stabbed to death. Seeing these young people takes me back to those days and I realise how important it is to travel. Mashuri has plenty of memories that make her smile. But then people come and give you a pat on the back that makes you feel so good.My father was having a hard time trying to find a job, and the locals told him: “Go to the mausoleum and make a vow, she will answer your prayers”. Her biggest passion has always been to travel and meet people from all over the world. Mashuri knows it and she keeps on travelling whenever she has the opportunity.This kind of programs “give the organisation a boost and enhance its´ vision”, Mashuri agrees.

“We are not just taking things from the nature, but also giving back to nature and people.

I thought she was destined to make a life in Norway.

But like many, in the end it was still all too much for her.

A restaurant in Sanlitun located in Bejiing has a children's play area.

Despite being known in Norway as having good food, e Chinacities said "Although not renowned for its excellent food Peppes is fairly reasonably priced".

The warrior was never with her, as he was always fighting in wars that happened so far away. There is even a mausoleum in the island dedicated to the princess. When my parents got married, they went on a honeymoon to Langkawi, and they found it so beautiful that they decided to stay. And I learned how to deal with people from different countries”.“What I like about travel is that it makes your eyes open. ” Mashuri smiles when memories from her travels come to her mind. I remember when I did bungee jump in Brisbane, Australia. Once you’re bitten by the travel bug, there’s no cure.