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I considered going with "full-figured" for a little while, but decided that in online-dating speak "full-figured" probably equals "huge" -- which I am not.

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Classic Anna Nicole Smith (back in 1993, when she was a top model, and hot as hell) was perfectly curvy.When he put "a few extra pounds" he meant it literally - just a few pounds.When most people do it, they mean it as a nice way of saying fat. Paris Hilton for example is too thin and could use "a few extra pounds." Like 20 or so strategically placed pounds. Some people may think she has "a few extra pounds" (IE.slightly overweight) but IMHO she has exactly the right porportions.[Homer]Mmmm, Jennifer Tilley[/Homer] Based on my experiences with on-line dating and personal ads, here is a helpful glossary of a few common terms: curvy = fat few extra pounds = fat voluptuous = fat zaftig = fat plump = OMFG!!!!!I was chatting with a few gals a few minutes ago and we were talking about how we'd describe ourselves on an online dating site (one of them is single, the remaining three--including yours truly--are married). They ALL said, Urban Chic, you cannot describe yourself as curvy online, because online curvy means fat! One of the gals who I estimate to be a size sixteen, at least, said her size is what people conjure up when they hear the word curvy.

They insisted that, while I might be "curvy", I'm not curvy.

fat social drinker = functioning alcoholic enjoys long walks = unemployed likes to party = chemically-addled hosebag thirtysomething = fiftysomething unconventional = deeply warped I AM curvy, this much I know.

They insisted that, while I might be "curvy", I'm not curvy.

Jennifer Connelly, when she made The Rocketeer and Career Opportunities in the early '90s, was curvy.

Not now--she has looked really skinny ever since The Hulk. I would suspect that in the online dating game, curvy means fat.

They agreed, but said that it's all different once you start talking about online dating.