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When administered in time, HBOT can also save skin grafts due to burns, accidents or surgical procedures, by enhancing blood vessel growth to the area.If a large surface of skin needs to be replaced, HBOT in advance of the surgery can stimulate a rich vascular bed for the graft.

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The result is a camera capable of producing visible images in light levels down to 0.008 lux.Our less-than-illustrious Prezident Obama managed to do a little stumping on this election day during a visit to Michigan by telling voters there that Republican candidate Mitt Romney was shoveling a “load of you-know-what” in his 2008 NY Time op-ed criticizing the auto industry bailouts..If you all remember, a UAW-owned trust was given a 17.5% ownership stake in GM as part of the bailout, while bondholders were left with nothing to show for their investment in the auto giant.The more accepted uses of HBOT through most of this century have been in relation to saving the lives of SCUBA divers stricken with decompression sickness (the bends) some poisonings, arterial insufficiency, non-healing wounds, infections, brain and crash injuries, just to mention some.In addition to the blood, all body fluids – including the vital lymph and cerebrospinal fluids – are infused with the healing benefits of this molecular oxygen.HBOT has been in use since the mid-1800s in Europe.

It began when an anesthesiologist postulated that by increasing the levels of oxygen in operating rooms, patients would be able to heal faster.

This hyperbaric oxygen can then: a) Reach bone and tissue b) Enhance white blood cell function, and c) Promote the formation of new capillary and peripheral blood vessels.

d) Stimulating collagen production, (regeneration) e) Hastening the elimination of dead tissue, f) Preventing infections, improving immune function and decreasing Apoptosis (cell death) g) Accelerating the development of new blood vessels (revascularization).

On the base of the regional agreements for tourist promotion of Central America in the European market, the Central American Agency of Tourism CATA, together with the ministries of tourism region and their embassy in France, Taca and Iberia Airlines, make a presentation direct it to tour operators and travel agencies and wholesalers with the objective of reinforce and to shown new that the region offers to this market.

This presentation was directed to about 80 participants and was in charge of the Manager of CATA Mrs.

All these come together to provide you with an effective monitoring tool for your 24-hour surveillance environment.