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Bollywood people do it by their own selves in order to get more publicity. But, in our case were getting it free, laughs Athula blending together his usual charm, mischievous and sportive looks.I was a bachelor when gossip spread around that I eloped with a young female singer who by that time was on top of the fame list.

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And some live in their own fantasy-world imagining famous characters as their lovers. Even if people see us chatting for a while with somebody of the opposite sex, soon well hear gossip coupling us with that person.Such fans who go crazy over the famous personalities try their level best to get at them and then start a love affair with them. My daughter will soon reach my height, and I would not wonder if they say that `Athula is seen going with a girl in his car if they see her with me sitting in the front seat next to me in the car (laughs). Famous singer Nelu Adikari is Athulas only younger sister. Though his father taught English and Science subjects at school, he loved to play music instruments and sing along with Athulas mother who was a music and dancing teacher.Failing that, out of shame, their love would changes to `hatred and they would go to any extent to hurt the other party. Adikari Mudiyanselage Pubudu Athula Adikari was born on March 8 in 1966 at Mahawewa in the Chilaw District to A. The background his sister and he got since their childhood moulded them to reach the peak as of at present though they never had any intention of choosing music as their profession.Neil and Athula knew each other since they were kids.As Athula re-entered Ananda Vidyalaya, Neil who was in search of young musicians invited Athula to join them.In 1988, the famous musician, Rohana Weerasinghe who happened to be one of the judges at an All Island folk singing competition held in Colombo, was quick to recognise the talents of the pretty school going teenager Samitha who won the first prize at the competition.

Until Rohana reached her residence at Horana to meet her parents to get permission for her to act and sing the theme song of Mapitigamas newest teledrama `Ira Paya for which he was the music director, he didnt know who her family was.

What I believe is that if you cant live with your spouse or partner, its always advisable to separate rather than suffer and live together under one roof. If we were just an ordinary couple, nothing of that sort would have taken place.

Why should we worry about things which are not relevant to us?

However much you try to divert ones path of destiny, it wont change. Athula studied the alphabet first at Ananda Vidyalaya, Chilaw where his mother was a teacher.

He then entered Royal College, Colombo through a Grade Five Scholarship. After a few years I had a problem in finding a place to stay.

But, in 1988, he tried his luck as a singer and released his first solo `Ran Palase. Not merely girls, but little ones, middle aged and elders soon became his fans. I first met her at `Janakala Centre when she came for a record her very first song `Ira Paya.