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Gay racism dating

Everyone knows being a gay Asian means facing homophobia and racism.Some people are surprised to hear this includes negative experiences as an Asian man within the LGBTI community, which is supposed to be a liberal, welcoming environment.

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They describe it as being the same as being stopped at immigration in an airport.Some people argue they are entitled to date and sleep with who they want and that in some instances, that preference can be for black or Asian men over white men.This is true although I personally don’t have any ethnic preference.Racism has long existed within the LGBTQ community, though it seems particularly flagrant and shall we say, deplorable, this election year.But that may just be because we’re paying attention to racism within our ranks more than we have before.The truth is that dating apps are a tiny expression of a bigger issue.

The idea of that the LGBTI community, liberated and liberal on sexuality, would also be liberal, enlightened and liberated on the issue of racism was shattered quite early on in my foray into this community and politics.

As a black man, when I see these words, I do not feel like I’m on a dating app in the 21 century and I’m surprised there are forums in which people think such language is socially acceptable.

It certainly wouldn’t be in a bar, café or workplace.

You can ‘hide’ your sexual identity, even though that is highly damaging, but you cannot hide your skin colour.

As activists, we need to challenge our own community.

A study by FS Magazine in the UK shows African Caribbean and Asian men’s experiences range from flagrant racism, to being excluded in clubs to being considered fetishized sexual objects.