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Finally updating my site

I also wrote some plugins to help with some things I wanted to improve and clean up, like category listings, the list of recent changes, etc. I will put the source to all my plugins and my skin up soon. I hope this site will eventually contain all the information I have to share.

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I started looking at wiki engines as an alternative to blogging software.When I started thinking seriously about finally updating my site again, I figured I needed to switch to some sort of content management system that could be updated via a web interface; if I was ever going to update the site regularly, I needed to greatly reduce the friction.I looked at forum software, and then blogging software, but after prototyping a site with Moveable Type, I decided it was too limited for what I wanted.I took this as a starting point, and heavily modified it myself (also using some of the css from the Mono Project), ending up with what you see now.I didn't know any PHP or CSS when I started, but there are tons of online resources for this stuff, and it's trivially easy to play around and learn.It's fine for Wikipedia, but I wanted something sparser and more elegant.

Basically, I wanted something that looked like a slightly modernized version of my original hand coded html.

Blogs are basically like diaries, with time flowing in one direction, and a strict tree-structured hierarchical organization of information.

I really wanted a relational database—a graph instead of a tree—with categories that overlapped and crossed each other and allowed pages to be stored in multiple places at the same time, and the ability to sort the content in multiple ways.

And even if everything is working perfectly (cross your fingers), any comments are always appreciated!

I've been using git and Git Hub in my workflow for a while now and the only thing that has bothered me about the process is that every time I want to deploy a new version of the site I have to push it to Git Hub and then SSH into the server and manually do a . What I really wanted was a way to just push the commits to Git Hub and then have the server automatically pull the updates.

The second is an abstract composition of what jumped out at me while looking at the mess of colors and logos and cartoon characters that is found in the cereal aisle.