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Ive had webcam sessions, awesome chats and last thursday I met a 24 year old college student from just outside the town I live (tempe, arizona). ' I think that decision has paid dividends so far as ive been better than a lot of people seem to be.

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I like to get my monies worth and so I make sure the site works for me, but I also set my expectations damn low to, if I cant get sex from going out to bars every weekend for months then I should realise that a naughtie dating site is hardly going to change the way I look or how easy I find it to bed chicks.Generally speaking you will only find a few reliable sites.In my opinion the best I have used is Casual, second best Adult Friend, and - that is about it!She was super cool, we'd been sending messages to each other thru the site for like 3 weeks or something and then it all just came together one night when we were both bored as f*ck and in need of some fun in our lives.Maybe Im lucky but im enjoying the sites, the chicks know that your on the site for fun so it aint like they expect you to meet them with flowers and an engagement ring! I bought a membership to this and in the same weekend cos I figured 'hey, two chances are better than 1 right?!

I sure realized that it seems to be a little more 'work' than on Casual Dating4but does not look like a mission impossible. As an average red blooded american guy I joined this website to check out some hot chicks and maybe even meet a few up close and personal.

Anyone that thinks your gonna get off a few days after signing up to one of these kinda sites is clearly living on another planet.

Even the very best sites (im thinking Hookup, etc) dont work unless you work them.

I mean its a nice site and everything, simple to use and all that stuff but I want more than a nice looking site with supposedly lots of profiles, as the site isnt the end of the journey its the bridge thats meant to get me to where I want to be (and thats up to the knees in hot hotty)!

A few people have told me it can take a while so im trying to be patient but I am wondering if ive been sold a pup.

Time will tell, ill see out the three months and if I dont get more than a few replies then im off.