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Dating regula cuckoo clocks

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In the 1850s, architect Friedrich Eisenlohr designed a cuckoo clock to look like a little house.

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Black Forest clockmakers such as Hubert Herr, Gordian Hettich and his son Hermann, and Helmut Kammerer prided themselves on their craftsmanship, so each cuckoo clock was handmade and of the highest quality.From time to time I will be adding comments to this section of the website about general information and tips for selection of a new cuckoo clock or repairs of an older clock.Also, many of the questions that I get from my customers are very good ones and deserve consideration by making them available to all!!!19.5cm, 23.5cm and usually a date code in the form of a letter eg. The cm mark denotes the distance of the pendulum drop from the center of the handshaft to the bottom of the pendulum stick.This is critical in selecting the correct pendulum hanger wire or a new pendulum stick if you are buying one to replace a lost one.Some musical variations feature dancers or other figurines that spin to the melody.

Although most people associate cuckoo clocks with birds, many different figurines were used, such as soldiers, monks, and other animals.

Ketterer resided in a village in the Black Forest of Germany.

Since then, the Black Forest has been synonymous with cuckoo clocks. The weights, which usually hang below the clock, are often made to appear as part of the design—they are frequently shaped like pinecones, for example.

Some clocks were painted but the majority were not, in order to let the wood’s natural coloring shine through. Restore, Parts, Repair, Germany Black Forest Germany Rare Vintage Extra Large "baby Birds In Nest" Cuckoo Clock Old Wall Clock Black Forest Cuckoo Original Schwarzwald *regula* 8d Day Clock Antique Cuckoo Clock Very Old Black Forest Cuckoo Clock Germany Missing Hands Old Wall Clock Black Forest Cuckoo Original Schwarzwald *regula*Cuckoo Clock Vintage August Schwer Carved Squirrel Vintage Chalet-style Cuckoo Clock With Movement Only---for Parts/repair Large German Cuckoo Clock 8 Day Black Forest Bell Ringer Musicians Water Wheel***x Large 8 Day Musical Swiss Chalet W/ Water Wheel Germany Cuckoo Clock***New Musical Black Forest Wooden Cuckoo Clock Black Forest Cuckoo Clock Grimm Tv Series Props Dept Warehouse Sale Items - Cuckoo Clock Old Wall Clock Black Forest Cuckoo Original Schwarzwald * 1½ Days *M107.

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The gearing on the dancing tables would bind and stop the music from playing.