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Dating a gynecologist

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I know I’d laugh on spot the moment a male gyno says, “I’m gonna need you to take your clothes off.” Or what if he’s doing my breast exam and a Babyface song comes on? On any given night, I’m sure every guy has a few Patron shots with his buddies, and the coochie stories start flowing.

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Having worked in the medical field for eight years, I've heard the professional guy talk.I'm sure they know a lot about the anatomy of the female vagina but that doesn't mean she knows a lot about sex. in sex therapy or in the kama sutra then yes I would say she knows a lot about sex. Don't let her see the fear in your eyes or your dead meat. why the fcuk would a gynecologist know a lot about sex? Steve is a 50-something married man who's been around the block.Mia is a younger, recently married woman with an all-together different attitude.I mean I know a lot, but probably not nearly as much as a gynecologist would.

Would she expect some kind of "miracle man" level of sex that I wouldn't be able to live up to?

It's got to be a serious, committed, marriage-is-next type of deal before I'll do it. Well, anyway, I feel a little intimidated at the moment.

Maybe there's no reason to feel that way or maybe there is. **2003.5 Silver Mazdaspeed Protege #2048** PCM Reflashed * Injen SRI * GT28RS * Custom MSP SMIC * Hardpipes with MAF Relocation * Turbo XS Type-H BOV * Slightly Ported Intake Manifold (VTCS removed) * NGK Spark Plug Wires * Exedy Stage 1 Clutch * JDM Lightweight Flywheel * Steed Speed Turbo Manifold * Corksport S-Pipe (Jet Hot Coated) * SLS Performance 2.5" J Mid-pipe with Cat * GReddy SP2 Exhaust * SU Front Motor Mount * AWR Side MM Inserts * Weapon-R Engine Damper * Rear Strut Tower Bar * AXR Rear Sway Bar Brackets * Magnum Cross-Drilled Rotors * SLS Performance Gauge Rings why the fcuk would a gynecologist know a lot about sex?

This may come across as stupid, but I find myself a bit perplexed about what sex would be like, though.

I mean, being a gynecologist, would she be like an expert at sex?

Yes, I parade around in a bikini regularly, but when it comes to seeing me naked, there are only a select few males in that club. I can’t bring myself to talk about already sensitive topics to someone who hasn’t, or doesn’t have, the ability to experience them.