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The player has the ability to create their own rooms, pick a map and to play in a squad or wreak havoc solo style! Math vs Dinosaurs is a math game for kids in lower grades of elementary school to practice mathematical operations or adults who want their math skills challenged by harder math problems. I dream that someday I turn into a snowflake and fly far away. Dozens of levels at which you will not only get to the exit, but also to survive. NPPSNUCLEAR POWER PLANT SIMULATIONSNPPS is a great opening simulation for the operation of a Pressurized Vessel Nuclear Power Plant. Strange folders, amazing encoding and incomprehensible devices are waiting for you! Omega Pattern is a Visual Novel which offers a variable multiple-choice decision system.

Fly in open world, transport cargo, buy new copters!The game features two unique modes dedicated for team play - paint and soccer. Green”is a story-based VR game that combines actions and puzzles. Green suffered gene mutation caused by an experimental accident.As a result, he needs to defeat other mutated mosters in order to esca...You take command of the A6-Gravitus to defend the people of Jupiter Colony, Metis One, against an unrelenting alien onslaught. You cheerful mountain dweller, you are a proud and strong as a rock, as well as fashionable and stylish as the Gucci. Collect beautiful red shoes, buy cool weapons and urine all around. ONi Re N is an exploration, platformer and puzzle game.You appear in an unknown place with no indications, you have to explore the world, collect “drops” to unlock new skills and reach new places to finally discover the truth. Our world (Ourscraft) is a sand box of casual games, is constantly updated. Armored Battles is an arcade game takes you to drive a turbo-engined tanks to destroy enemies! Main Features: - Modern Tanks with Turbo Engine ...

(Profits may or may not be invested into bricks.) THIS GAME IS SATIRE. Welcome to the most dangerous battlefields over the world!

Players can do want to do things here, with the social friend home garden, a team with teammates under copy of adventure, to explore every corner. PREGNANCY WITH YOUR MOM SIMULATOR It is game with a 8 bit graphics mixed with intestines of wild cow. Your mom name Gertrud needs your help to born new baby into this world, so why you waiting for help her. Poo Shooter: Toilet Invaders is a 2D action comedy game packed with explosions and fun gameplay. You can make custom Super Heroes and give them Super Powers. Design your Character's costume and choose your powers.

Reminiscent of arcade classics like Space Invaders, Poo Shooter lets you take control of a Bum fighting against vengeful Toilets. Fight criminals to build up your experience and make your Superhero stronger....

You can complete missions, put on fires or simply earn money on transportation. Features: Chowdertwo is a game about Chowderchu, a space-dwelling Wizard who wields the power of Chowd and might to overcome his obstacles.

After a hiatus of indeterminable length, Chowderchu has returned to the spotlight after his victorious debut in the first Chow... Millions of people around the world know that CRAZY OTTO is the greatest arcade game ever made.

His life is dictated by The Narrator, a sarcastic british man who is stuck in Shawn's head. Adaptation of this "mobile game" to "PC version" : More beautiful graphics and possibility of playing with joystick. Ars Uberia: Uberia's Lament is an adult themed interactive graphic novel.