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Cougar dating chicago

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Some may want a boyfriend - possibly a fit young guy to have on her arm. If so then this may be the cougar for you, and the way to secure a date with this kind of cougar is to demonstrate you have long term potential as boyfriend material.Before you approach your target cougar, think about possible ways you can demonstrate value as a potential boyfriend - namely focus on your conversation topics and make sure you stay away from dumbass behavior like discussing your favorite football team.

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On the other hand, there are a whole bunch of cougars out there who are simply after a good time with a younger guy - a chance to relive their youth and inject some fun back into their lives after 20 years married to a boring old fart.They'll love the idea that you're a fit young guy who knows how to enjoy himself.One final piece of advice when it comes to getting your date with a cougar - don't ruin the vibe by talking about the age gap like it's some kind of sexual fantasy that you want to explore.Most guys are looking to date a cougar like this - a hot older chick who's a bit of a good time girl at heart and wants to have some fun with a capital F.The key to bagging your cougar date in this scenario is to keep it light.Sure, you see potential cougars everywhere, on the subway, in the supermarket, on the bus, at the mall - but are they really cougars?

Or are they just hot older chicks with angry husbands waiting to kick your ass?

If you do opt for a dinner date, remember to watch your table manners!

Cougar women may be hot mature chicks looking for fun, but they also grew up in an age where manners were emphasised more, so watch your elbows on the table, talking with your mouth full, and of course it's best to avoid the spaghetti.

Here we recommend the two proven places to meet a cougar woman: 1). More and more cougars are heading into bars and clubs to check out the young cougarbait on offer.

So go find them, and when you do, be confident, be cool and remember the reason most cougars are looking for a younger man is because they're bored of the slipper wearing, couch potato guys of their own age.

For a first date, it's always a safe bet to go for either a drink or a meal.