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I'll have to give it a bit more time before I am convinced, but those are my first impressions.I wonder how the Rydis H68 will hold up, given that it is definitely less solid feeling than the Neato.

At first blush, I am pleased, partially because I had such low expectations.The Botvac will not perform a mopping function either.The Botvac is a vacuum only robot, it does not mop.It also manages to clean a much larger area than the Neato, due to the longer lasting battery and because the navigation seems to manage the Rydis H68 Pro's travel from room to room with considerably more success than the Neato ever managed.I also used the mopping function every other day or so, which works well enough for my purposes.These are the pros for me:-The Rydis H68 in Hybrid mode is considerably quieter than the Neato, which means that I can be in the same room with it without being deafened.- It does not climb up my Barcelona chairs!

The Neato almost always got stuck going up the legs and had to be constantly unstuck (using cardboard bumper to lower its front gap resulted in poorer cleaning results).

If it's no good, I'll send it back and order a Botvac.

If you ordered the Rydis H68 expecting a Scooba type liquid cleaning then you are out of luck since the Rydis does not have a clean and dirty water tank.

But it does give a bit more of a sheen to hard surfaces and diminishes spots.

I know the Scooba does actual mopping, but its range is likely to be way too limited for my purposes, it requires proprietary solution and for me, this is not meant as a replacement for a periodic manual mopping, but to improve things in between (I do have pets).- The battery of the Rydis H68 lasts considerably longer than the Neato's.

Dragging a damp rag around is not equal to a scrub with solution and sucking it up again which is what the Scooba does.