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Thom brings Alex a CD player as a reward for her tracking assistance on the operation.

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During the firefight between Division and the mercenaries, Nikita steals the GPS device and destroys it. A flashback from a year ago shows Nikita meeting Alex after saving her life from drug dealers, and then helping Alex through detox before training her.Alex secretly alerts local police to the area, who arrest Jill while Nikita fights the Division agents.Jill is able to expose the story and clear her name.Meanwhile, Alex suffers from claustrophobia from a traumatic childhood experience, and Amanda is determined to learn about Alex's past and cure her.Owen Elliot (Devon Sawa), an off-the-books Division agent, and guardian to a "black box"—information containing Division's past crimes—narrowly escapes a bank robbery in Montreal, and contacts Percy.Later, she confronts her former boss, Percy (Xander Berkeley) to declare war on Division.

Agent Michael (Shane West), the Division operative who trained Nikita, chases after her, but she wounds him and escapes.

Meanwhile, Nikita is in contact with a source within Division and learns about "Black Arrow", an operation to assassinate an African diplomat.

Nikita rescues the diplomat and drops him off at the United Nations.

However, Emily is killed by Division snipers, and Owen is captured while attempting to avenge her death.

Nikita later finds Owen again in a freighter and talks him out of killing Percy. Nikita takes Owen as an ally, and treats his gunshot wound while he is unconscious.

In the flashback, Nikita reveals that she has been searching for Alex for over 2 years, and knows who she really is.