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Are g dragon and dara park dating

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Actually, these stories about Dara and GD just appear sometimes, and some other times they don’t.But their relationship came back to the media spotlight in January 2011, when Dara told the story about GD helping her to carry her ski board at the YG family vacation.

❤ I like how casual this interview seemed and how the article was written. Moreover, at the SAL Concert, GD once said that apple is the symbol of his love, even GD and Dara performed Hello in the apple-shaped box. GD adores Bo A and Ivy so much because they are beautiful and could dance and sing hip hop and R&B very well and dress up in that style, too. It perhaps based on the logo on GD’s Heartbreaker album, an apple.^^ I can just imagine the easy banter Dara and GD have! 😄 I remember the way Taeyang teased Dara too, even Seungri and Dae tease her a lot..😄 SINGAPORE – For someone who always looks so put-together, 2NE1’s Sandara Park admitted that she is, like most regular girls, actually hopeless at applying her own eyeliner.this is actually hilarious, because they were posing for a photo. they are not dating, as far as I know they were simply posing together for a photo~ Here is the photo as evidence- This would be an awesome couple but come on’s only one picture..pretty sure that night Dara has had a lot of people put their arms around her and they just so happened to take a pic of GD doing it...

oh man..would happen if they got a shot of all of the Big Bang member’s putting their arms around her? If this was true then I’d be happy for them but come on guys.

(See the pictures below)The photos, taken in the Philippines, show the two walking together, with faces covered.

Dara herself is a member of an R&B and Hip hop girlband with hip hop and R&B style of appearance and some cool performances. G-Dragon and Dara are frequently caught exchanging accessories and outfits.

They often be seen wearing the same shirts, t-shirts, pants, shoes, caps, hats and many other accessories!

Even one day they wore the same shoes in the same time.

Whereas, in Korea, it’s only couples who exchanges stuff and use each other’s belonging. At the Nikon product launching, Seungri was seen letting Dara to stand beside GD with no purpose.