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The justices ruled that busing was an appropriate remedy for racial imbalances in school districts.

By the 2013-14 school year, the number of racially or economically isolated campuses had quintupled, to more than 50.Kerrick resigned from the police force under an agreement.The city also reached a $2.25 million settlement with Ferrell’s family.Similarly, we find that white students are about 1 percentage point less likely to graduate from high school or attend a four-year college when they are assigned to schools with 10 percentage points more minority students.Finally, we find that rezoning in CMS led to a large and persistent increase in criminal activity among minority males—a 10 percentage point increase in share minority of a minority male’s assigned school led to an increase in the probability of incarceration of about 1.3 percentage points.You often don’t have to scratch too hard on the surface of the New South to find the Old South right below it.

This is clear in Charlotte, North Carolina, this week, where intense demonstrations and riots have followed the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott by a police officer on Wednesday.

Police Chief Kerr Putney argued that protestors are reacting to a false narrative about Scott, but it seems likely that the incident was simply the trigger for protests rooted in years of resentment of police, similar to how the death of Freddie Gray exposed the deep cleavages in Baltimore for many years.

In September 2013, a black man named Jonathan Ferrell was in a car crash in Charlotte in the early hours of the morning. The resident called police, who shot Ferrell when they arrived. The white officer who shot him 10 times, Randall Kerrick, was tried for involuntary manslaughter, but the case ended in a hung jury.

That year, a black couple wanted to send their son James Swann to an integrated school, and were refused.

The NAACP Legal Defense Fund sued the Board of Education, with the case eventually going to the Supreme Court six years later.

The Observer obtained city documents listing current and former CMPD officers involved in 67 shootings since 2005. The city of Charlotte also considered instituting controversial “exclusion zones” for fighting prostitution in 2015, a solution that critics noted was likely to produce racially disparate results. The chief of Charlotte’s police force, Kerr Putney, is black, as was his predecessor, Rodney Monroe.