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Basically, if you feel the crazy coming on, step away from the internet for a while. I created my (what I call a bucket list) almost two years ago. But if you need to create a goal or dream to keep motivated, then for goodness sake go do it.

It is really difficult because your design will remain on a side. You saw the heading “drop the bomb”, you saw this image of Maria Sharapova looking startled, now you’re interested in this signboard, you are curios now… Will simply knocking down or building up a wall or two unite or divide work stations and change the whole ambience of the office in a positive way?Construction can be long and laborious and can present many setbacks so if you can find an office space that can work for your company, you will be saving yourself time and expenditure.OOH media also includes branding of buses, taxis, trains, sports stadiums etc., and with the advancement of digital age, we now have jumbotrons and other digital tools for OOH advertising. If you already know what AIDA model is, just skip ahead. The difference between other channels of advertising is that usually, your main audience consists of passing by people. When a commercial runs on TV, the user was already watching TV. I’m sure most of our audience already knew what OOH advertising and media is but I had to give a little background for the newbies. The stark difference OOH media have with the rest of the means of advertising is the . You have very little time to grab attention, communicate your message and persuade them for an action. If you don’t know what it is, have a look at this video. They can be driving cars, traveling in a bus/train or just walking down a path. If you run an advertisement in a newspaper, the user would already be reading the paper. But look at it from another angle: this knowledge you have is a valuable resource.

Someone who is completely new to this world will look at you in wonder and admiration.

A considerable amount of work is required in each type of fit out, so ensure you hire a company that specialises in this type of construction and refurbishment.

Meet frequently with your Project Manager and divide the whole procedure into a series of steps, identifying which contractors will be working on each part of the project.

This blog has changed over the years, I’ve changed my style and I’ve been happy to roll with that. I’ve learned to manage this anxiety by either: 1) Outsourcing to find a solution 2) (More commonly) Googling answers Over the years I’ve been hacked and my Google PR went from 5 down to basically nothing; I can’t remember the last time I got reliable data from Feedburner; social media channels keep popping up; there’s the lure of wanting to be ‘all the things all the time’ (but beware – see point 3); and so on.

But I’m still here, typing away – so things can’t be all that bad.

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