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Throughout history we find clergymen advocating abuse of wom- en, to express their horror of female sexuality and their conviction that all women deserve punishment for the primordial crime that brought death and damnation to man. Woman's mysterious, devilish sexual magnetism seduced men into the "concu- piscence" that, even within lawful marriage, transmitted the taint of sin to every man. Augustine, and the church never altered his opinion.

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(See Mary.) The older concept of the female Holy Trinity ruling all cycles of creation, birth, and death in her Virgin, Mother, and Crone forms, was destroyed by Christians' attacks on her temples, scriptures, rituals, and followers. Some main entries serve as cross references in themselves: rather than introducing articles, they refer the reader to treatment elsewhere. The practical goal was not to prevent women from hurting men, but to prevent women from acting independently of men: from owning their own property, earning their own money, making their own sexual choices, or raising their own children without interference. Short articles have been supplemented by generous cross references, to avoid frequent duplication of material. Therefore the mythical injury of the Fall was essential to the early theological scheme. It seemed necessary to hide the fact that Christianity itself was an offshoot of Middle-Eastern Goddess worship, skewed by the asceticism of Persia and India. This is virtually the only Gospel tenet that churches followed through all their centuries with no deviation or contradiction. Though Catholics still worship the Goddess under some of her old pagan titles, such as Mother of God, Queen of Heaven, Blessed Virgin and so on, their theologians refuse to admit that she is the old Goddess in a new disguise, and paradoxically insist on her non-divinity.

vii Introduction Modern Christians take it for granted that they must revere the figures of a Father and a Son, never perceiving divinity in corre- ^^^^^^^^^^ sponding Mother and Daughter figures, as the ancients did.

Such cross references have been designated only if the reader might find additional information pertinent to the subject at hand. Many still counsel women to be subservient to men, in accordance with "God's will." (See Sexism.) Man's and God's attack on women was not usually justifiable as revenge for real injuries.

Words printed in the text of this book in bold face type indicate main-entry treatment of those subjects. Some clergymen have been found to be wife-batterers.

Louis London, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto Opposite title page: kore, polychromed marble, Greece, ca. (See Paganism.) This was mere verbal learning, as contrast- ed with the direct experience of infantile dependence on the mother.

Her literary excellence and the unrelentingly fascinating material . .redresses two millennia of cultural and sexual misrepresentation." East West Journal "A whopping compendium of history, legend, and myth. WALKER 1817 Harper & Row, San Francisco New York, Grand Rapids, Philadelphia, St. The ancient faith persisted, because every man was still born of woman and nurtured by woman, despite the theologians' insistence that a father was the only significant parent.

088042 83-47736 ISBN 0-06-250926-8 ISBN 0-06-250925-X (pbk.) 90 91 92 93 94 16 15 14 13 12 Editor's Note Cross references. The tradition persisted up to the present century, when the clergy, if not advocating active abuse of women, at least refrained from too much interference with it.