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18 yarxxx gali

FUNDRAISING FOR POLITICAL CAMPAIGNS This can be the most challenging part of any campaign.Our short description of what we can provide will help you in determining if we are a right fit for you.

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For an additional fee, you can order a custom certificate with the name of your choice.The soft-body dolls themselves are decent quality, comparable to the ones you would find at Target or Wal*Mart.The same Lotus doll has been sold under different names by different companies, such as Lillian Vernon and Constructive Playthings.The second book, "Reyna and the Jade Star", is set in 1175 China and just came out in July, 2006.The Reyna doll is a departure from the previous dolls: she is a slim, all-vinyl doll manufactured for Gali Girls by Carpatina Dolls.If there are already American Girl dolls in your household, the soft-body Gali Girl will fit right in.

Her waist is slimmer than AG, her shoulders are a little less broad and her feet are a little smaller, but most AG clothes will fit her fine.

The Miriam doll is the same as the soft-body redhead, dressed in the Miriam's Journey outfit. Gali Girls are the first Jewish dolls of their kind.

Reyna is a slim, all-vinyl doll with black hair and dark brown eyes. Gali Girls represent Jewish values such as modesty, kindness, respect, and charity, among others.

PURPOSE Support the campaign in developing policies to guide the fundraising and public outreach programs of the organization.

Support the campaign in fulfilling its responsibility to provide the financial resources to achieve the Mission.

Gali Girls has just started publishing books in which their dolls will be heroines.